Voter Resources

General Voter Information

Click the link above.  Once the page has opened click the center tab “Look up General Voter Information” 

After you enter your street address and click submit you will have information on:

  • Who elected officials are based on address. At the bottom of the screen if you click on their name it will provide you with all of their contact information and email links.
  • District Information
    • Precinct
    • School Committee
    • State Senate
    • State Rep
    • Ward/Council
    • Congressional
    • Assigned Polling Place

Check Your Personal Voter Status

  • Register to vote
  • Check your voter registration information
  • Contact your local board of canvassers
  • View sample ballots for upcoming elections
  • Find out where your polling place is located
  • Find out who your elected officials are

Voter Registration

Registering to vote is easy.  “Voting is your opportunity to help decide who represents you at all levels of government, but you can’t vote if you’re not registered.  In Rhode Island you must be registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election you will be voting in – primary, general, or referendum.”  –RI Secretary of State

 Local Board of Canvassers

Upcoming Elections